Grits and Gravy

I was in seventh grade when I realized why the Yankees invaded the South.

Folks might say that it was to keep the Union together but the real reason behind it was they didn’t have grits and gravy and we did.

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Animals are Christians, too — aren’t they?

When there was no place among people for Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem, the animals made room for the birth of Jesus in a stable. Donkeys and horses were probably among the first to look upon the Son of God.
Isn’t it only appropriate that there be a place for them in the Kingdom of God? I am reminded of an old farmer, Jebadiah Cross who had worked his fields side by side with his old gray mule named Flossie for many years.

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What is honor?

How does one acquire it? Is honor a cloak that you can put on and take off at will?

I would say that honor is something that you build in your character over time beginning in childhood, much like putting on layers of clothes in the winter to stay warm. As the layers build upon your shoulders, you find yourself warm and comfortable and ready to face all the world throws at you.

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