Thank your lucky stars

Webster describes a star as a celestial body with twinkling points of light. The wise men of old followed a star to the baby Jesus. Centuries ago, sailors learned to navigate themselves around the world by the stars.

Today, many look at people who have reached a certain status in their field such as stars of sports, film or music.

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From where does honor come?

When I was a little boy, I remember holding my dad’s hand while walking on the sidewalk along the main street of our county seat.

He seemed so big even though the large buildings of brick and stone along the street made even him look small by comparison. The cars seemed to speed buy as folks rushed about in life trying to fill their days with making a living.

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Where did I put you?

Do you ever go to the back of the house, and when you get there you don’t remember what you went after?

How about do you ever go to the store without a list, only to return home with everything but what you went after?

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