Should things we buy last forever?

I don’t know about y’all, but it seems that more and more of what I buy just doesn’t seem to last.


I remember when I was growing up; I would earn extra money working in neighbor’s yards. My neighbors, the Mikells, had an old refrigerator in their utility room
where they kept Coca-Colas, RC’s and the like for when you got hot. I know that icebox had to go back to the early 1950’s.

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Country ramblings – Oscar, Vince and Ricky

When I made my first appearance for the Grand Ole Opry in 1984, I had already appeared on shows with one of the long-running stars of the show Rollin “Oscar” Sullivan of Lonzo & Oscar.
Lonzo and Oscar were one of country music’s best-known comedy duos. Although there were three Lonzo’s through the years that Oscar owned the name, there was only one Oscar, whose talents as a singer and mandolin player were top-notch. The country bumpkin costumes of their performances popularized in the heyday of classic country had eased to more of a leisure suit look by the time I came to know Oscar.

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Use the disappointments in life

It is amazing how disappointments can take various forms in life.

I think often our childhoods are filled with little disappointments such as not getting something we really wanted – that pony.

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Some days you should stay in bed

As I turned the key and the engine on the gray Murray riding mower was balking, I sort of knew it was going to be one of those days.

With a little prompting though I was off and running. Many people love to mow, although I started mowing other people’s yards at about age nine, I really am not a mowing fan. In fact I sort of take the Los Angeles film set approach, let’s kill it and paint it green.

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