Stand still

As I stood upon a chair hearing my friends play outside, I just knew that I was going to miss something.

Every fall, I always knew that some of my time would be spent standing on a chair as my mother knelt with straight pins gripped in her mouth measuring the cuffs in my new pants. I know I drove her crazy fidgeting as she tried hard to make them just right. Without failing, she would eventually take the pins from her mouth, look up at me and say “Can’t you stand still for just a minute?”

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The show must go on

This past weekend I thought I was over the worst of dealing with several days of fever with no other symptoms.

Of course, I had committed to be in North Carolina, so I crawled in the car and away I went praying for the strength to do His work. Thankfully He did, getting me there and back and giving me the ability to do the show. It just reinforced to me the old adage, the show must go on. People are often impressed by the glamour they think makes up such a large portion of a performer’s life.

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Leaders, are you one?

Have you ever wondered who your walk each day impacts. Are you a leader in your community or your church? How about in your family?

Do you set the pace that everyone else follows?

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