Trials often require recovery

I have come to the conclusion that everyone in life, no matter how blessed, finds that there are trials we must face.
Sometimes these are the common trials that everyone faces in life – How do we pay a bill? Where do I find a job? How do I cope with the stresses?

Sometimes they are more monumental. In just the last week, I have prayed for friends and loved ones and their caregivers that are facing heart by-pass surgery, Parkinson’s disease, accident recovery, cancer in various stages, and stroke.

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Shades of Wendy Bagwell

One of my favorite people to see, hear and be around as a youth was comedian/singer Wendy Bagwell.

Well, not just as a youth, I still enjoy hearing his wonderful stories that amused and his music with the Sunliters – Jan Buckner and Geraldine Morrison that uplifted.
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Choices for Living

In life, we are constantly faced with choices. We are blessed or cursed with the gift of free will, depending on your prospective.

From the smallest detail of “Do you want fries with that?” to “Do you take this woman to be…?,” in America, we have endless choices.

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