Fear itself

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself” were some words that the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared with the nation at a time when the people were in need of comfort.

Do you ever find yourself afraid?

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The Browns to the Country Music Hall of Fame

The announcements came recently for this year’s additions to the Country Music Hall of Fame including Jim Ed Brown and the Browns, the Oak Ridge Boys and musician Grady Martin. I was glad to see all these performers receive this honor.

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Digging out from beneath

Sometimes there are points in life when one reflects on topics that bring worry, sadness, concern or even depression.
They can pile up on our mind like leaves falling from the trees in autumn covering the roots that feed our soul.
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60 Years of Lessons Learned with Ronnie Reno

I have had the honor of knowing and admiring the work of Bluegrass personality Ronnie Reno for much of my own career.

I was honored to appear on his popular TV Show “Reno’s Old Time Music Festival” many years ago. As an award-winning television producer, his show was the first nationally broadcast show featuring Bluegrass music, earning him a prestigious Cable Ace nomination and the nickname the Dick Clark of bluegrass. Read more