A little country sound goin’ ‘round

Two of my favorites country performers Gene Watson and John Anderson are back with successes to share.

Gene Watson blends traditional, organic country that purists long for in his new album, Real.Country.Music., available across digital retailers. Watson’s 33rd studio album charted at No. 72 on Billboard Top Country Albums and is No. 1 on Amazon’s best-selling classic country albums.

“I’m 72 and here I debuted on the charts at No. 72!” Watson said. “I’m real proud of this project and I’m just humbled fans are still buying my albums. That’s why we do this – it’s for the fans

After five decades in the music business and more than 75 charting singles, Watson delivers an authentic soulful album with Real.Country.Music., which he opens up about in the syndicated series “The Test Drive.”

“It’s exactly what we titled the album. These are songs that still have fiddle, steel guitar and, quite honestly, soul,” Watson said. “I’m not one to bash what those younger artists are doing, but I can tell you a lot of what you hear nowadays isn’t country. This is Real.Country.Music

Be sure to follow Gene Watson on Facebook or visit GeneWatsonMusic.com to order Real.Country.Music and purchase tickets to upcoming shows around the U.S. this year.

Country chart-topper John Anderson’s new single “Magic Mama,” penned by Merle Haggard just for Anderson, is now impacting radio.
“A couple of years ago I got a call from Merle saying that he had written a song with me in mind. I saw him about six months later and asked if he finished it,” Anderson said. “He pulled out a little piece of paper from his back pocket that had the lyrics on it, and he got a guitar and played it for me. That’s probably one of the greatest moments of my career, sitting there listening to Merle play that song that he had written for me.” He adds, “I was so pleased and I’m so thrilled to have a brand new Merle Haggard song on the latest cd. ‘Magic Mama,’ for me, will always be a treasure.”
The feel-good anthem is the latest single from Anderson’s critically acclaimed album, Goldmine, which was listed as one of Rolling Stone’s “40 Best Country Albums of 2015.”

“It was recorded in an excellent way. Just the way I pictured it,” Haggard said about the song.

The song showcases Anderson’s distinct vocals, which has made him one of the most sought-after artists in country music. Fans can catch Anderson on tour, where he will be performing “Magic Mama.” The country hit-maker will also be playing other tracks off of the Goldmine album, along with his signature hits like “Swingin’” and “Seminole Wind.”

For more information about his upcoming shows and products, visit johnanderson.com.