A new beginning

Well its 2013, the world did not end as predicted. So I guess that means we must continue to earn money, pay bills, meet our responsibilities or someone will come and take us away. Well not maybe us, but our stuff that we have borrowed from others through all those plastic moneymakers in our pockets.
New Year’s is the day that folks turn over a new leaf, make promises to do better, try to dedicate themselves to a better future.

Why not start with focusing on paying off everything that you owe to other people.
We can’t get rid of the bills that come every month, power, water, telephone and those yearly habits, property taxes and insurances.
But what if you had the freedom to know that everything you have is yours. You don’t owe anyone.
Seems to me that would give us all a special sense of freedom that could be so liberating.
Knowing that there is not another payment looming for a car, house, a new piece of wardrobe, and that big screen TV etc. etc. etc.
Do you really need it?
Maybe that is the New Year’s resolution that will help set this year a part from all those other failed attempts to stop smoking, lose weight, and eat properly.
What is every time you went to buy something, you said, “Do I really need this?”
What about those $3-5 coffees you buy each day, amazing how those could help to pay off some of that debt if you just gave them up.
How many times do you go out for lunch or dinner in a month? What if that money was used to buy some groceries, prepared at home and brought with you to work. Folks carried lunch boxes for years, still a viable option.
I wonder if we can really do it, pay off the mortgage. Of course you can if that is your objective.
By making such a difference in your life and in your family’s future, it will be amazing what you will be able to do. Wouldn’t be amazing to simply go buy what you need without owing, without worrying about another payment. With proper planning you can.
Yes, you might not have the nicest, the shiniest, the newest, because you will have to buy what you can afford.
But it will be yours, not someone else’s and you are just holding it for them.
So as you are making those New Year’s resolutions, do not forget about looking at your financial condition while you are looking in the mirror at your protruding waistline.
Happy New Year and may this year bring you all the happiness that you can afford to share with others.