“A Question of Faith” opens doors for youth performers while changing lives

Karen Valero (fourth from right) stops on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of “A Question of Faith” with fellow cast members, from left, Donna Biscoe, T.C Stallings, Kim Fields, Richard T Jones, Mara Hall, Amber Thompson, Renee O’Connor, Marliss Amiea, and James Hooper. (Photo: Silver Lining Entertainment/Erik Fischer )

Karen Valero (right) and Jaci Velasquez portray daughter and mother in the new film “A Question of Faith.” (Photo: Silver Lining Entertainment)

I recently visited with singer/actress Amber Nelon Thompson at the National Quartet Convention as she enthusiastically described her experience filming her role as “Michelle Danielson”  for the new film “A Question of Faith.”
Thompson received the opportunity after her mother Kelly Nelon Clark of the Gospel artiists the Nelons, who went to an acting audition and noticed the role of a teen singer among the roles being cast. Signed to her own record deal, Amber fit the bill and soon found herself cast.
She was so excited by the experience and attending the premieres. She shared with me the experience of coming to know another young actress Karen Valero who portrayed another one of the main youth roles.
Members of the amazing ensemble cast includes Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields and C. Thomas Howell in the film from Pure Flix and Silver Lining Entertainment opened in theaters around the country Sept. 29 and combined premieres in Atlanta where it was filmed, Los Angeles and a private screening at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
“We had over 3000 people show up at the Atlanta premiere. Wow it was fantastic!” Valero said. “This movie has changed my life, I’ve heard people telling me about their personal life and how inspired they are to become a better person after seeing the film.”
Valero, who lives in Atlanta, was born in Caracas, Venezuela coming to America at 15. She soon found that her loves of theatre, photography, and visual arts complimented her interest in acting. For her modeling jobs led to appearing in commercials, which then turned into film auditions.
In “A Question of Faith” Valero portrays “Maria Hernandez.” She said the film tells the story of three families that find themselves at a crossroads and questioning their faith.
“Each family member deals with their issues, their worlds start to intertwine,” she said. “It was such an honor to work with this talented group of actors.”
Multi-million selling Grammy ® nominee Jaci Velasquez appears in the film as her mother “Kate Hernandez.”
“Karen is a natural, she was a delight to work with,” Velasquez said. “Working with Karen is a true pleasure, she’s super easy going and discovers new things in the character she is playing and brings it to screen in a beautiful way.”
Valero describes her character as a free-spirited teenager who works with her mom at a restaurant.
“She owns delivering restaurant orders, but Maria can’t stop texting and driving and doesn’t want to listen to her Mom, as she strives to be the first one in their family to attend college,” she said. “However, her choices change not only her life, but all those involved within the story.
“Playing Maria made me realize receiving this role for me was a sign from God,” she said. “My life has changed and I’ve been closer to God more than ever.”
She said this was never more evident to her that while playing the jail and court scenes faced by Maria.
“It made me feel like I lost everything and I would never like this to happen to me or anyone else in real life so I’ve learned a lesson to never, never text and drive,” she said. “Which is something I did do before being cast. I hope and pray that those who see this film change their habits as I have.”
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