Assure the people we place our faith in are real

The airwaves are filled with those now beginning to say that they are the best choice to lead our country, our states, counties and cities.

I am honored to serve in my hometown as a council member, so I am speaking not only as someone who is on the outside but in some respects on the inside.
When a candidate says something, is it what they believe or is it what they want us to hear?

That is a question that each of us should ask when we finally find someone that we feel could fill a spot of authority as our representative and leader.

I have seen first hand how some candidates and or elected officials seek to simply say what it takes to get elected and then do what they want rather than reflect what they said.
If there is a previous record to review, take the time to see the types of things that the person has supported, said, or voted for in the past.

What have they done consistently?

This information should provide a good road map of their plans for the future to see if they align with what they are saying publicly now.

Now a person can change what he or she believes through garnering more or new information, so it is possible that in this respect a leopard can change its spots.

One can only hope that the impact on the candidates thinking is true and not just politically prudent to gain the support of voters or other powerful political allies.

Sadly, that does occur and those are the types of candidates that should be ferreted out and returned to their daily tasks at home rather than serving in any office.

Ultimately, any candidate who wets his finger and holds it up to see which way political winds are blowing will in the end be a person whose seeking office simply to hold office and weld the power, privilege or influence that affords.

These types of individuals who manage to smile past the voters into an office are great ammunition for those who argue for term limits.

At this time what we need greatest are voters who spend the time to learn about the candidates before going to cast a vote.

An educated registered voter is the greatest potential tool that our forefathers hoped would keep this unique experiment of the United States alive. Without each of us stepping up and fulfilling our part of that experiment, it is sure that one day in our future, we will be bowing to someone who is not elected and accepting laws and customs which none of us ever thought we would see in the American land of red, white and blue.

Pray for the candidates so they may be worthy of election; pray for the voters so they may be informed; pray for our country so that our freedom and our nation may endure.