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My Own Chicken

When I was just a little boy on the farm, I spent much of my time fascinated by the baby animals — a young colt, a calf, baby chicks and ducklings. When I was big enough, my grandmother said it was time I had my very own chicken. Since becoming an adult, I have learned […]

Fear itself

“The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself” were some words that the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared with the nation at a time when the people were in need of comfort. Have you found yourself afraid with the recent pandemic? Fear manifests itself differently sometimes depending on the circumstances. In some […]

Family ties won’t be broken

The importance of one’s family connections is something that I believe we are losing in America. With each generation there are fewer individuals who live close to their extended families, unlike the days when grandma and grandpa lived just in the next room or uncles, aunts and cousins were a short walk down the road. […]

Feudin’ — it’s all in the family

A few months back I met a new friend at a political rally, when I heard the name, I found myself just having to share with him that unfortunately, we could not be friends because we were feudin’. The young man, of course, had no clue of what I was talking about, so I went […]

A shave and a haircut

As I sat and squirmed in my chair trying to scratch a place in the middle of my back, I wasn’t very happy that I made a trip to get a haircut. Have you ever noticed when you go to the barber that those little hairs that fall inside your shirt collar can make you […]

Could you please stop that cat scratching?

Have you ever watched a child cast one toy aside and reach for something else? A friend of mine once told me he had watched his grandchildren open gifts and cast each one aside looking for the next one while spending no time with the one they just opened. He shared with me that at […]

A laugh saves us every time

When I find myself frustrated with the things that come my way, there are always two places I go. First, I go to the word of God; secondly, I go to God’s gift to the world — comedy. God must have a sense of humor; just look at all the great things he gives us […]

Your word is your bond

I have been told there was a time when a person was judged upon the words which emanated from his mouth. A person’s character could be seen in his deeds and by what he would say and sometimes what he would not say. I have met many people in my life. Some, I would not […]

A privy and some plums

The gentle falling of snowflakes takes me back to the days when cold weather would bring a tough decision at the old family homestead. Being cold in the winter was a common experience, since the only heat came from a fire in the main room. Grandma would always be the one up early to get […]

Fear not

Fear is something that hides deep within each of us as we walk through life. I remember as a child, as many of my fellow youth gleefully looked to getting their first bicycle, within me was a sense of dread. I was comfortable with the tricycle and the insecurity of falling and losing my balance […]