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Tenacity is within the genes

My recent experience of struggling each day to work my way back from a hip injury is giving me such an amazing respect for the profession of physical therapy and the process the put the patient through to awaken the various muscles back into performing their previous automatic duties. The experience made me reflect on […]

I have fallen, but I will get up

Writer’s note: Friends, As a public personality for decades, I am always reluctant about sharing about any of my health concerns until I feel others may in some way gain an insight which may benefit them in future by my writing about it. Thankfully, this column is not about the pandemic. It has been many […]

Is the richness of debate a dying art?

I am learning that the field of earnest debate between people is becoming an art that is no longer appreciated nor desired by many. I will never forget the joy as a youth of learning the skills of debate, of working to bring someone who was on the other side of an issue into your […]

A fiddle and a fireplace

I don’t know much about my Grandpa Harve’s childhood, although I am told his tales of life on the Tennessee River rivaled those of Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn.” When my dad was a boy, Harve gathered the children around the fireplace and before bed told a story of an orphaned boy named A.J. (his real […]

The day that follows sleep

I got up this morning and wondered what will the day bring. Each morning that I awake, I push myself from the bedclothes, I shake off the grogginess left by sleep. I move my legs towards preparing myself for the day – wash, shave, brush, comb, fresh clothes and so then it begins. What will […]

Learning can last a lifetime

One skill that has come in very handy for me since March is one that came into my life as a youth – cooking. While my normal routine in recent years has been a lot of meals out, the stationing at home the past few months required me to break out skills learned when I […]

Soap, a brush and a baseball bat

I held the Ivory soap close to my nose and breathed in deeply. There was nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bar of soap out of the package. The smell carried me back to my days of late summer evenings of avoiding my bath as a boy. Needless to say I would always […]

God’s favorite postman

I was needing a laugh, so I hope you will join me as I recall an early music experience. Throughout history, God has used many ways to send messages to us, angels, Moses, Jesus and others. I find one of his most interesting messengers is the weather. When I was a child, I once appeared […]

The good news will outweigh the bad

If you’ve watched a lot of news reports, especially since many stories air over and over again at noon, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 11:00, and every hour in between, you may soon come to believe that the world is in terrible trouble. Violence, crime and tragedies permeate everywhere you look. How many of you have […]

Are you as tired of cleaning as I am?

Yesterday, I laid down on the floor to clean underneath a desk and I am almost sure the dust bunnies were conducting a performance of “Richard II.” You would have thought considering their namesakes at least they would have been doing something from the writings of Beatrice Potter or “Alice in Wonderland.” But the battles […]