Be resolute

From childhood, I was taught that the arrival of the new year brings tidings of new opportunity.
The process begins with collard greens, black-eyed peas, hog jowls and cornbread ringing in the new year with the potential of good fortune.
After the meal is over then begins the hard work. What are the goals for the new year?
New job? Lose weight? Stop doing something you feel you shouldn’t? Make new friends?
What will make your life better than it currently is.
I will start by looking at my own. I could use some more financially secure work.
Let’s see, how can I accomplish that. Review my skills, study where I need improvement, improve my resume, and find some new opportunities and then apply.
Going through my closet, I find that several of my clothes no longer fit. I guess I should look at my exercise routine and my food intake and figure out how to better fit what I have.
Or I could just go buy an all new wardrobe and be happy with my new sizes.
Either could yield a smile depending my ultimate desired result.
Let’s see, looking around my house, there are several projects that need to be completed – new garbage disposal, paint the refrigerator, clean out all the closets – just to start.
I will make a list and begin plans to accomplish one objective per week until the list is gone.
Next, I need to make better plans for my retirement. But since I will never retire, maybe that’s too ambitious.
I need to finish that book I have been working on and maybe get out that new CD.
This is the year – everybody will buy them, they will both be best sellers! There it is, all the collards and peas I ate will pay off.
No matter what you need, what you hope, what you desire, it’s a new year and with God’s blessings, stick-to-it-tiveness and being resolute in your plans 2019 will be a year to write home about.