Birds in the wind

I am walking down a dark lane lined with trees which have shed their leaves. I see in the trees one bird it seems to cower and shiver in the wind. Its feathers seem to be worn with time. It moves closer to the trunk of the tree as the wind blows harder.
As I watched I wondered why the bird didn’t simply spread its wings and soar along with the wind. Then as I looked more closely I noticed the bird had four legs. Beneath its wing was another little bird that it was protecting.
I don’t know the reason for the protection but I found it comforting to see the caring of one of God’s creatures for another.
Any of us can find ourselves out on a limb feeling beaten down by the winds of life.
Our choices sometimes lead us there seemingly placing us in peril. Even when we are in those places, there are those like the larger bird who are brave enough to come out there with us on the limb and inch us back close to the tree helping make our environs safer.
We can allow the help and find a better path or remain out there as the storm weathers against us sometimes to our own detriment.
Stepping closer to the tree, to the strength of its roots, we can hold on, rely on its strength, supported by those who reach out to help, and once the storm is passed, we can stop shivering beneath others wings and stand up on our own.
Each day is a new opportunity to move closer to the path that God has in store for our lives. We might even be able to spread our wings and fly on our own. Anything is possible when we rely upon God’s mercy, strength and grace.