Do you have gremlins in your house?

You know those little critters that move things around when you are not looking.

Mine will leave a drawer open so when I get up in the middle of the night I never seem to miss it. There is nothing like a few vocal exclamation points filling the air as you stumble through the house in the middle of the night.

Their favorite adventure is moving my keys even though I have a regular place where I put them when I come in. I was preparing to leave the other day and sure enough went to the key repository and those little critters had moved them, I looked everywhere and I finally just walked where I was going.

Guess what, when I returned there they were in plain sight.

I have another set of keys I use for another purpose that I have searched endlessly for with no avail. But I am not going to let them get the upper hand. I will find them… You hear me you little critters, I am going to find them!

I hope you will forgive me my little tirade towards those creatures that seem to move folders, little sheets of paper and other items of importance. I know they do not exist.

Ever since I was a child, I just always jokingly blamed them for those little inconveniences.
I have found that through the years following a system of putting things away properly when finishing with them as the best way to overcome those momentary losses.

By in large by doing this I have avoided the majority of such search endeavors except when I have done something in haste leaving a trail of mislaid items in my wake.

Although I will say this, I do believe car keys or house keys are missing when you get ready to leave for a reason beyond just the enjoyment of some snickering gremlin.

I believe that the delay is part of God’s plan and thus simply make it part of the experience anticipating that the delay has made my path safer in that day.

How many times have you experienced something like this to only come upon an accident just ahead of you?
I know I have done that and as I prayed for the victim and emergency workers aiding them, I thanked God for the delay I faced.

So I will endeavor to be more fastidious with my efforts to put things back where they go, close drawers, and cabinet doors, and not to rush through life missing the little things that help to make everyday flow smoothly.

I hope you will do the same, and just in case it helps to keep a large broom and one those butterfly nets with a long handle leaning up in the kitchen just to let those little critters know you mean business if they keep up their mischief.