Finding “The Way Home”

I was recently honored to host a special evening in my hometown featuring showings of the new film “The Way Home.” I had originally attended a star-studded premiere of the Lionsgate and Red 5 Entertainment film at Atlanta’s Fox Theater.
I became familiar with the movie filmed on location in Carroll County, Ga. because one of my closest friends, Sonny Shroyer, “Enos” from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” joined Dean Cain and Lori Beth Edgeman in the project. Cain and Edgeman portray Randy and Christal Simpkins.

Director Lance W. Dreesen shared with me that Sonny was the best person for the role of the real-life hero “Ed Walker” describing Sonny’s work as real and recalling his ability as an actor to tap a range of emotions.
Walker was a pivotal person in the lives of Randy and Christal Simpkins whose 2-year-old son Joe disappeared. That is the story told in the film and in their real lives as the community came together in full force to support this family.

Lori Beth, Randy and Christal and the Simpkins’ former pastor Jerry Little joined me at the showings to add a unique prospective to the experience for our audience.

Lori Beth said that her time filming with the Simpkins was the most unique of her life and she added that many of her fellow cast and crew shared that same prospective.

The film was actually shot where the real-life family lives, while they were living in the house – which is what added to the experience, she said.
She is currently seen in Robert Redford’s new film “The Conspirator,” now out in theaters.

Randy and Christal often share their testimonies in churches about how God used their experience to bring them closer to Him and each other. They write about that in the book “Our Way Home.”

Our audiences were moved not only by the film but also by what the couple shared. We even had folks leave the first showing and encourage family members to run down for the second.

About the movie – “The Way Home,” Randy said, “We hope others can learn the same life lessons we did without having to endure the things we did that day.”
Some among the outstanding cast are Tom Nowicki, Brett Rice, Jay Gill, Jackson Walker, Terrence Gibney and many others.

Producers include Dreesen, Shay Griffin, Clint Hutchison and Randy Simpkins.This moving film emphasizes the importance of family and faith and shares how a community, church family and emergency personnel can work together to change the lives of their neighbors.

I encourage you to add the DVD to your personal collection. If you feel that the movie along with its available Sunday school or worship lessons could bring a special experience to your church, found out how you can do that as well. Learn more by visiting