Is one Mother’s Day a year enough?

I often wonder if people really realize the enormous task of thanking a mother for all she has done for her children. It seems that we have a day for everything anymore. A day to thank secretaries, grandparents, fathers and so many others. There should be a day to recognize all these people. All of these people deserve thanks.
But does a Hallmark card or a bouquet of flowers one time a year really pay homage to all the sacrifices that a mother makes for her children?

I know my late mother did without things she needed to see that my brothers and I had food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof to sleep under.
I know she faced enormous heartache in seeing that this sick child got what he needed to stay alive. I know she worked endless hours vacuuming, dusting and washing to keep our home clean when I was a child so I could have a semi-normal childhood rather than be confined to a bubble environment. I know she sent endless prayers to God when I was upon death’s door as a child and adult. Those prayers with God’s answers brought me back when there was nothing medical science could do.
How many opportunities did she pass up so she could be at home with me bandaging my skinned knees and wiping away the tears? How many cold mornings did she freeze as a school crossing guard so she could be near in case I had an emergency?
How many little things did she not get for herself so I could have a new pair of pants, a coat or shoes or to make payments on a violin or piano? How many times did she go to bat for me to protect me from something that she felt was not right? How many extra hours did she work to pay for music lessons?
How can you thank a person for more than 20,000 meals, 4,000 loads of laundry or 5,000 ironed shirts? How can you thank her for making sure you had a warm, safe place to sleep and clothes to wear? How can you thank her for years of guidance, endless hours of help with homework and special school projects, driving thousands of trips back and forth to everything from school to music recitals or sporting events? How can you thank her for the school fundraisers she coordinated? The special interests she cultivated in you? Alternatively, for having enough endurance to handle 12 rowdy boys week after week as a Cub Scout Den Mother?
How can you do this with just a card or some flowers? I have not even touched the surface of the sacrifices and gifts many mother’s give.
As Mother’s Day rolls by, will your tribute measure up to all of the things a mother does?
Probably not, but you know what, that is another great thing about mothers, in most cases it is the thought that counts. One rose will sometimes speak volumes.
However, one day a year just does not seem enough. Maybe we should remember what mothers do every day. Let’s not forget to tell them what they mean to us and show our appreciation with each and every passing day. What if you do not have another chance to let her know you care? How many thank you’s will pay for all they do? How big a gift will show them how much you appreciate them? You can never repay this debt, but what’s great is they forgave the debt with each thing they did and continue to do just because they love you and would do anything for you.
God Bless Mothers, every one.