Keeping one’s word

I placed the call and said, “I know you stole the money, you were the only one that had access to it. It better find its way back here by 5 o’clock or you will be dealing with a greater worry.”

Of course, the person denied the charge, but amazingly, the money found its way back where it belonged and that person was never again welcomed into my home.

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a shift in honesty that is now reaching into our lives?

My parents, who were part of the greatest generation, taught me plan and simple, as their parents did before them, all you really have in the world is your word. By keeping your word, you show others you have integrity. By having integrity, then you gain the power of others’ trust.

“Your word is your bond,” my grandfather would say. And if someone lied to you, or lied to someone else about you, those were offenses that required quick and stern retribution against the other party.

In my grandfather’s day, let’s just say sometimes that included some fist to cuffs.

Now, let me be the first to say, I would not advocate for violence in this instance, but in my grandfather’s day fist to cuffs was the lesser means of regaining one’s honor considering many still had a gun on their hip or within reach.

Never the less, I carry the same attitude that when someone tells you something, it is the gospel and I am finding more and more as I deal with folks today, that sadly, keeping their word is not a requirement for life. In fact, to many who are part of the millennial generation, the truth is an abstract that moves and flows depending on whatever is best for their situation.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not painting an entire generation with this brush, I have found those who do keep their word, are punctual, proficient in their efforts and desire to have a good reputation.

Sadly, though, there are many who are drawn more to saying and doing what is convenient at the moment.

So I don’t leave anyone out, I am sure that we can find large numbers of baby boomers and Gen-Xers who also are dishonest, just as the childhood acquaintance mentioned above. I just seem in my own personal experience to find fewer of them. Sometimes I wonder if all the generations have adopted these traits as they have watched the permeation of reality TV and the train wrecks of lives that entertain millions often propelled by the drama of a liar, a cheat or some other malcontent.

While these are simply meanderings of my thoughts influenced by my experiences, I hope your life is less impacted by lying.

If you have influence over some younger person, teach he or she by example. Treat others with the respect of being honest and share a lifetime of integrity with them. I pray that for all of you and your families, the truth will always set you free.