Leaders, are you one?

Have you ever wondered who your walk each day impacts. Are you a leader in your community or your church? How about in your family?

Do you set the pace that everyone else follows?

What does it mean to be a leader?

As I look back at those in my life who have inspired me to follow them, there have only been a handful of people who have impacted my life in the way that has made a lasting difference.

Throughout my education, there were specific teachers who through their talents urged me forward in my studies, but as I think back, I don’t remember a specific one that became a leader to me. I am sure however many were leaders in their right, among their peers, groups and families.

Among my childhood peers, I know there were those who attracted others to march to the beat of their drum. I never really found their beat; instead I walked my own path.

As I grew, I watched the national and international leaders who mustered legions to their inspiring speeches, lofty goals and hopeful aspirations. I imagine at times, my heart beat with the excitement and prospects of their visions of what was ahead.

Even as I found my footing as a Christian, and dedicated my childhood efforts to following Christ, the were Sunday School teachers, pastors and youth leaders, who made the effort but it was hard to find a worldly leader that I could look to who furthered my faith.

I have always heard that hindsight is 20/20. When I look back at my life, the greatest leaders within it were my father and my mother.

Through their examples, I learned about caring for others, compassion for those less fortunate, following a path that cannot be questioned, living a life that focuses on raising other’s needs above your own.

Problem after problem, trail after trail, seeing their steady and true approach to living life provided me a pattern upon which leadership flourishes.

There were others that also stepped forward in my life; my scoutmaster was a tremendous example of leadership. My first employer was a great leader who helped me understand how to encourage loyalty from those who you seek to inspire to be greater in what they do.
I saw great leadership skills in some of my musical and entertainment mentors who fostered my talents.

No matter whom you have looked to in your life to learn how to lead your family, your church or your community, are your choices reflecting the best that leadership can offer.

Jesus provided a wonderful template upon which to base being a servant leader and inspiring us to pass the legacy of leadership from generation to generation.

What are you passing on to your children, your community’s children?

Will they look back and remember you as a leader or an example of what not to be?