The day that follows sleep

I got up this morning and wondered what will the day bring.

Each morning that I awake, I push myself from the bedclothes, I shake off the grogginess left by sleep.
I move my legs towards preparing myself for the day – wash, shave, brush, comb, fresh clothes and so then it begins. What will the day be?

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Soap, a brush and a baseball bat

I held the Ivory soap close to my nose and breathed in deeply. There was nothing quite like the smell of a fresh bar of soap out of the package. The smell carried me back to my days of late summer evenings of avoiding my bath as a boy.

Needless to say I would always need one after playing ball in the light of the street lamps.
Around the bases were Charlotte, Clay, Bubba, Charlie and Jennifer. Some were on base while others anxiously awaited me as I prepared the swing the bat on Bruce’s pitches.

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I am coming to the conclusion that the art of visitin’ is now a thing of the past for much of America.

I can remember as a kid, as dinner time came near, a neighbor or family friend would just happen by and mother and dad would ask them to pull up a chair and mother would set another place at the table.

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Goodbye to another Mayberry friend

I learned recently that another musician friend was called home – Doug Dillard (1937-2012).

It has been nearly 50 years since the Darlings crawled up onto Briscoe Darling’s truck and rode down from the hills into Mayberry. With them were sister Charlene (Maggie Peterson) and all the Darling boys (The Dillards: Rodney Dillard, guitar; Doug Dillard, banjo; Mitch Jayne, bass; and Dean Webb, mandolin) with their instruments in hand.

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Kenny Rogers is still a sure bet and Goodbye Goober

In the early part of my music career in Nashville, one of the biggest stars of the industry was at the top of his career – Kenny Rogers. Now after 54 years in the business, he continues to thrill audiences and record some wonderful music.

Kenny has just combined forces with Warner Bros. Records to continue his career with the label that holds much of his catalog.

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Winning the Doves and a new look at ‘The Carol Burnett Show’

There was an amazing gathering of talent that came together to rejoice their way through the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards in Atlanta recently.

I was so pleased to see many of my friends who are industry veterans finally receive recognition for the work.
Karen Peck and New River garnered their first two Dove awards with “Good Things Are Happening” as Country Recorded Song of the Year and “Reach Out” for Southern Gospel Album of the Year. Visit ( ) to learn more about them.

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An Appalachian sight in time – “A Mountain Pearl”

It is amazing how a sight, a sound or a smell can carry you in your mind’s eye to some distant place and time.

I came upon a patch of white daisies this week as I was walking along the back road in my hometown.
All of a sudden I was four years old again walking along the dirt footpath that led by my grandparent’s farmhouse. I bent over picking the very best flowers from the patch to create three bouquets, one each for my mom – Pearl, my Grandma Kitty and my Aunt Norma Jean.
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A little Goober each day is a must

As we watch television classics, there are many character actors that have made their marks and found niches that have allowed them to keep in front of the American public for years and years.

One of those actors was introduced to the American television family in the 1960s.

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Should we ban cable TV?

How many times have you flipped through the 70 or so channels which most basic subscribers receive and said, “There’s nothing on.”

Just imagine — all these choices, but nothing, absolutely nothing to watch.

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Jason Crabb flies with the Doves and the Crabb Family “Together Again”

As an entertainer you spend a lot of nights on the road stopping to catch some rest or a shower in every kind of hotel imaginable along the way.

A few weeks ago as I had come down from an overnight stay to partake of the continental breakfast, I bumped into another gospel music mainstay whose unmarked bus I noticed parked outside when we arrived in the early morning hours.

It was none other than Grammy ® winner Jason Crabb. I have known Jason for several years and enjoy his music as well as his ministry. Some years ago his preaching helped me to let go of some pain that I could not seem to leave laying upon the altar no matter how hard I tried.

The Crabb Family took the gospel music industry by storm a few years ago producing numerous Top 10 hits and 16 number one hits.  After splitting into several ministries, came back together in the last year or so entertaining again. The Crabb Family took home 11 GMA DOVE Awards and garnered three GRAMMY® nominations.

Their latest CD Together Again from Gaither Music Group took the #1 position on the Southern Gospel sales chart when it came out a few weeks ago.  Jason produced the project that landed the #6 position on the contemporary Christian sales chart and at #123 on the BILLBOARD Top 200 list when it debuted.

“This is really an encouragement to us,” Jason said.  “As a family, to be back in the studio and back on stage for a limited run has been a blast.  To see others embrace us and get excited about new music from us, well, that is an honor and it inspires us. “
The Crabb Family is siblings JasonAdam, Aaron, Kelly and Terah.

“We are all doing what we do today because of the support of countless friends and fans over the years.  We are reminded yet again of their encouragement and love to us.  We appreciate them so much.”
With the announcement of the Gospel Music Association Dove Award nominees recently, Jason saw the addition of multiple new nominations for his list of accomplishments.

Jason’s nominations include: Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Country Recorded Song of the Year with “Why Me”, Southern Gospel Song of the Year with “If There Ever Was a Time” by the Crabb Family, Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year with “I Saw the Light”, Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year with “I’d Rather Have Jesus”, Southern Gospel Album of the Year with The Song Lives On and Long Form Music Video of the Year for The Song Lives On.

Jason’s “Who Am I,” written by my late old friend Rusty Goodman is also nominated in the Song of the Year.

“I’m just blown away,” Jason said. “My latest release, The Song Lives On, is a project I’d always dreamed of recording. I wanted to go back to my roots…back to the church where I grew up singing. To see the songs I sang in a little country church be honored in this way is special. This album is something really dear to my heart. I am grateful to the three B’s—Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings and Bill Carter — for making this dream a reality for me.”

You can find Jason’s and the Crabb Family’s latest recordings online and at retail outlets.
For further information regarding Jason Crabb, visit For further information regarding the Crabb Family, visit