Randall Franks to release The American’s Creed T-shirt

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The American’s Creed

In honor of his upcoming 2021 Music Video Production focusing on the Patriotic Piece written in 1917 by William Tyler Page and adopted by the United States officially as The American’s Creed, Randall is creating a celebratory t-shirt to commemorate it.

Video Production set in the Colonial era begins filming in April and will be shot in Northwest Georgia at the Gordon Lee Mansion in Chickamauga, Ga.

Randall’s Period Costume: Tina Barbaree

Internationally Known Guitarist Wesley Crider will join Randall on the musical score. Cinematographer Eric Jackson is joining the camera team.

A minimum of 20 Advance T-shirt Orders will be accepted before production.

If not reached in 45 days (April 29), orders will be refunded.

Colors: 50/50
Sizes 50/50 Cotton Polyester
Colors 100 Cotton PreShrunk
Sizes 100 Cotton PreShrunk