Sea sounds for the soul

The waves beat  rhythmically against the shore in an endless pattern that seemed would never stop.

I had stretched out in the back of my white Ford stationwagon  near the shore and the sound lulled me quickly to sleep.

As I woke up I walked slowly along the beach and watched the sun rise up over the horizon casting rays of yellow and orange across the water.
The wet sand pushed up between my toes as I picked up shells and tossed them back into the sea from whence they came.

With a deep breath the smell of salt water filled my lungs.

I stood recently near the beach when taking a breath pulled me back to the days in my youth when it seemed like the future was filled with all the potential of any dream within my heart and head.

My opportunities were as boundless as the sands that stretched along the beach and all I needed to do was pursue them.

I did, so many of them — music, acting, writing, and directing.

As I stood on the shore this time I never expected to find the sense of endless possibilities again. So many of those ideals we cast away with the passing of time in our lives or as we make choices.

But almost like finding a breath of fresh air, the beauty of what filled my senses invigorated my hopes and dreams once again that what God gifts within my soul is possible.

In my heart, I heard in the rhythm of the waves,  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So this time as I shook the sand off my shoes, I knew once again that the path was even more clear and possible.

I hope you find your path in the dreams that God places in your heart.