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Producers Randall Franks and Alan Autry are pleased to announce the re-release of this Christmas classic by the cast and special friends of the award-winning TV show “In The Heat of the Night”.

Franks and Autry joined forces under the banner of Autry-Franks Productions in 1990 to produce the charity “In the Heat of the Night” CD “Christmas Time’s A Comin'” including the sounds of bluegrass, jazz, rhythm and blues, Cajun, country and pop.

“This is an amazing reflection on history and the many entertainment legends that came together and focused their talent and fame for this very worthy cause, drug abuse prevention,” said Lynda Weingartz, CEO – AirPlay Direct. “In this day and time, the world could use more collaborations of this nature.”


“In the Heat of the Night” is an American TV Drama Series set in the South which aired on NBC and CBS from 1988-1994 starring Emmy Winner Carroll O’Connor as “Chief Bill Gillespie,” Academy Award nominee Howard Rollins as “Detective Virgil Tibbs” (“The Night Before Christmas”) and an amazing ensemble cast. The show was syndicated to 150 countries around the world and airs daily to millions of viewers. NBC and CBS network stars joined country and bluegrass Hall of Famers to share their voices for drug abuse prevention on this project. This record created the first major bluegrass collaboration featuring legendary musical performers with a TV show cast.

“It is amazing to realize that 30 years has passed since as a young actor I walked onto the set of TV’s ‘In the Heat of the Night,” said Producer/Artist Randall Franks. “Many radio stations have not had access to these classic tunes since its original release. I am pleased that it will now be available to our fans around the world who watched the show to reconnect to their memories of the fun we had together. I made some of the most amazing friendships and learned so much from my fellow cast. The experience of producing each of them and all the country, bluegrass and gospel friends who joined us for ‘Christmas Time’s A Comin’ ‘ in the studio was a pivotal moment in my musical creativity.

Randall’s further says, “Producing the legendary Emmy winner Carroll O’Connor, Academy Award nominee Howard Rollins and all my fellow stars from the show plus a long list of Country and Bluegrass Hall of Famers allowed me to spread my musical wings and learn anything you dream is possible in life,” he said. “I am thankful that God placed Carroll and Alan Autry in my life to have such faith in me and that everyone was willing to donate their talents for charities encouraging the prevention of drug abuse.”

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“Christmas Time’s A Comin'” CD

30th Anniversary Edition”Christmas Time’s A Comin'” CD

610fd62cbbb37a346517aef99ca51eaafeaturing “In the Heat of the Night” cast and friends

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Share America is proud to work with Autry-Franks Productions to encourage youth to live a drug-free life.

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“Americana Youth of Southern Appalachia” CD

You may also download the project in its entirety from CDBaby.com, Apple ITunes, Amazon Music, Shazam and Google Music Store.

“Americana Youth of Southern Appalachia” is a collection of Americana, Bluegrass and Southern gospel music created by producer and Appalachian artist Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night.”  Randall Franks with Colton Brown, Emerald Butler,Warren Carnes, Phillip Cross, Landon Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Hickman, Trevor Holder, Kings Springs Road, Caleb Lewis, Isaac Moore, Mountain Cove Bluegrass Band, Matthew Nave, Wally O’Donald, Drew Sherrill, SingAkadamie, Ryan Stinson, Landon Wall and Tyler West with special guests Gospel Music Hall of Famer Jeff Hullender, Sheri Thrower and Tim Witt.

Click here to see video of the youth in the studio.

This 18-month project brought together youth musicians and singers, many of whom, never before entered a studio or recorded with other musicians. It features over 30 youth between the ages of 11 and 27 performing original songs, standards and some covers. The project benefits the 501-C-3 Share America Foundation, Inc. and it’s Pearl and Floyd Franks Scholarship.

Share America Foundation, Inc., is honored that AirPlay Direct is joining us in a partnership on this project by providing professional support for the release and making the new music available to over 11,000 radio presenters around the world.

“This is such an incredible and important artistic project not just for current enjoyment, but it is already having a very strong, real-world effect on people of all ages and walks of life. A highly recommended listen,” says Lynda Weingartz, CEO – AirPlay Direct. 

AirPlayDirect.com Radio Station Programmers may download by visiting:


“AirPlay Direct is giving these talented youth an opportunity to reach farther with their talents than we ever dreamed was possible,” Franks said. “Radio friends have already took the project to the #2 slot on the APD Top 50 Daily Charts. We are so thankful of the support from Lynda and Robert Weingartz for opening amazing possibilities for all these youth.”

Recordings included: It’s A Hard Road to Make Love Easy, Baby’s Coming Home, Been Gone A Long Time, Piano Man, How Could I Go?, What About All These American Flags?, The Star Spangled Banner, Wash Day, Old Spinning Wheel, Time for the Blues, Traveler’s Lantern, Midnight Train, Filling the River with Tears, Someone Greater Than I, I Believe He Spoke to Me, When We All Get to Heaven and Blessed Assurance, Farther Along and I Want to Be Ready

Through a RoundUp grant from North Georgia Electric Membership Foundation, we are forwarding physical copies of this CD to leading Americana, Bluegrass and Gospel music radio stations around the country.

Thanks also to the Kiwanis Club of Ringgold and the Wes and Shirley Smith Charitable Endowment for their encouragement of our youth.





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Donate $25 for both Randall Franks 30 Years CDs Vol. 1 and Vol. II



Volume I is Available for a donation of $14

“30 Years on Radio and TV Volume II,” released worldwide from the Share America Foundation in cooperation with Crimson Records, shares 23 bluegrass, folk, Americana music and comedy recordings that helped Franks make a mark on radio or TV.

The second volume highlights key songs or instrumentals which charted, were broadcast around the world, performed regularly in concerts or received award nods in various genres of music. Many recordings feature collaborations between Franks and current or past genre stars, many of whom are now members of their respective music halls of fame.

Five of the songs included were authored or co-written by Franks including his popular “Old Black Fiddle,” a prequel to “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” that he performed on PBS TV with the award-winning Georgia Mafia Bluegrass Band, “Mean Joe Blake” an Americana TV show theme recorded with legendary Grand Ole Opry stars Jim and Jesse McReynolds, and his “Filling the River with Tears,” popularized by David Davis and the Warrior River Boys, performed here with youth band Mountain Cove Bluegrass. Eight of the recordings are fiddle standards such as “Back Up and Push” performed in a never-before-released live recording with Country, Rock and Bluegrass hall of fame member Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys; “Golden Slippers” performed with Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Chubby Wise; and the Appalachian string music classic Down Yonder performed with banjo legend Raymond Fairchild.

The collection includes “Mississippi Moon” written specifically for Franks by Jesse McReynolds. The remaining 9 recordings are popular songs or instrumentals from their genre. Among the other notable performers included are Cornhuskers String Band as seen in the feature film “Lawless”, Doodle and the Golden River Grass, Elaine and Shorty, The Peachtree Pickers, and Gary Waldrep.



Volume II is Available for a donation of $14

Randall Franks and  the Share America Foundation in cooperation with Crimson Records, shares 23 Christian music and comedy recordings that helped Franks make a mark on radio or TV.

Nine of the songs included were authored or co-written by Franks such as his “Now I Know,” popularized by the Marksmen Quartet, “God’s Children” written by Franks with Georgia Music Hall of Famer Cotton Carrier, or “Children in Need” recorded with “The Dukes of Hazzard” star Sonny “Enos” Shroyer and bluegrass star David Davis. Nine of the recordings are church standards such as “Amazing Grace” performed with bluegrass banjo legend Raymond Fairchild, “In the Garden” with Southern gospel stars Voices Won, or his international hit of “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.” The remainder are popular hits in their respective gospel sub-genres.

Among the other notable award winners included performing with Franks are the Carol Lee Singers, Darrin Chambers, David Davis and the Warrior River Boys, Doodle and the Golden River Grass, Jerry Douglas, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Steve Easter, Travis Lewis,  Lewis Phillips, “Doc” Tommy Scott, Gary Waldrep, The Watkins Family, Mark Wheeler, and Grand Ole Opry stars – the Whites.

Other recordings featured include: “You Gotta Know the Lows,” “I’ll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning,””Must Be A Reason,” “Meeting in the Air,” “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” “This World Is Not My Home,” “Building On Sand,” “He’s Never Gonna Fool Me Again,” “Rock of Ages,” “Letter from Down Home,” “This Little Light of Mine,” “Gloryland March,” “Who Do You Think,” “Precious Memories,” “The Pilgrimage to Bethlehem,” and “Let’s Live Every Day Like It Was Christmas.”


DVD “Precious Memories” taped live at the Ringgold Depot in 2014 includes 18 performances including Randall Franks, Calvary’s Blend, Cody Harvey, Butch Lanham, Tim Owens and Journey On, Ryan Stinson and Johnnie Sue. It is available as a gift for a donation of $20. Share America Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 42 Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755

Our “Mountain Opry Memories” CD was graciously donated by Tom Adkins and will Mountain Opry Memories cover4be available to receive by mail for a donation to Share America of $16.  You can donate online here or send the donation to
Share America Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 42 Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755 to receive a physical CD.

Also available by sending donations via mail at

Share America Foundation, P.O. Box 42, Tunnel Hill, Ga. 30755

Concert of Celebration DVD

To receive a copy of “A Mountain Pearl – A Concert of Celebration” DVD featuring artist listed above, send a tax deductible gift of at least $25 and request it.

To receive a copy of “Atlanta Live” DVD featuring Atlanta Live DVDRandall Franks and his band sharing an interview about the organization, his work in television, and performing six songs, send a tax deductible gift of at least $25 and request Atlanta Live

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About Share America Foundation, Inc.

Donate to change a life!

Donate to change a life!

Promoting the traditional music sounds of Appalachia in our youth is the major focus of the Share America Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501-C3, operating from Catoosa County, Ga.

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“Since our inception we have supported the college dreams of over 30 scholars and mentored numerous youth,” said Randall Franks, president, former “In the Heat of the Night” co-star who played “Officer Randy Goode.” “Through live performances combining youth performers with seasoned professionals sharing a lifetime of experience and encouragement; creating recordings featuring youth heard around the world, and adding to their life skills, our board strives to uplift and make a positive difference in Appalachia.”

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Randall Franks

Franks’ musical stylings have been heard in 150 countries and by more than 25 million Americans. The Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame member’s career boasts 21 album releases, 21 singles, and over 200 recordings with various artists from various genres. In addition to his solo career, Franks is a former member of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys, Jim and Jesse’s Virginia Boys and has performed with Jeff and Sheri Easter, The Lewis Family, the Marksmen, “Doc” Tommy Scott’s Last Real Old Time Medicine Show and Doodle and the Golden River Grass.

Radio Programmers may find Randall’s available music downloads through  http://AirPlayDirect.com/RandallFranks

In 2021, Hillbilly Love (www.HillbillyLove.com) joins Share America as a Charity Partner donating 10 percent of its profits to youth organizations like ours.