Should we throw out the baby with the bath water?

As an election season drags on, there always reaches a point of shear commercial overload.

For me, it’s just about now despite we are not even in the thick of it yet. I have heard enough from the candidates and just wish they would go away and let me alone for a while.
My decision is already made and I hope the rest of voters see it my way. I know whom I am going to vote for among the current crop of national, state and local candidates.

Without a John Wayne riding in to save the day, there is little hope of changing the way I think.

Can one of this crop of candidates really orchestrate a different way of doing things in America?

Can they put America on a sound path at home?

No matter which candidate you vote for and whichever one dons the hat of celebration on election night, when the confetti settles and the noisemakers stop making noise someone needs to go to work in building an America of which we can be proud.

There are people in this country who are facing the toughest economic times in their life, yet the media is constantly telling us things are getting better.
As an optimist, I will say that I always look for the good in everything, and you can always find something better upon which to direct your attention.

Unfortunately, at the same time you cannot look away from Americans who cannot support their families from lack of good paying jobs because of outsourcing, Americans who do not have a roof over their heads because of rising housing costs, Americans who cannot put food on the table or provide health care insurance for their families because the jobs now available do not pay enough or provide coverage.

You cannot overlook the thousands of Americans that we lose each day to a world of drugs as they look for escape from a world in which they cannot cope and find peace of mind.

You cannot overlook religious rights being torn from Americans by the courts and uninformed bureaucrats just for the sake of secular humanism.

You cannot overlook the decline of moral character in some members of the current generation as exhibited endlessly in social media.

You cannot overlook the people who live in terror in their own homes and neighborhoods as gangs or criminal elements threaten, coerce and steal their sanity, their belongings and sometimes the lives of their family members.

You cannot overlook the fact that our country is lagging behind other industrialized nations in education. Our students spend more time in their lives concentrating on Fun 101 than the studies that teachers desperately try to get them to pursue.
You cannot overlook the stream of children flooding across our Southern border placing our non-profits, local, state and federal government representatives across the region into an overload that will likely buckle the most compassionate nation on earth.

I really think the educated of our great-grandparents’ generation would laugh at what our government expects our schools to teach as the basic elements of education.
This is a short list of things I want to see elected officials really do something about.

As a nation, we have become the protectors of the world. Looking out for our fellow man is an admirable endeavor that I support wholeheartedly.

However, if our ship is sinking from neglect as we try to save the rest of world, as our country takes its last breaths before going under, I doubt if any of them will be stretching out their arms to try to save us.

For America to help the rest of the world, our people have to be safe, housed, fed, gainfully employed, and protected from homeland gang terrorists and criminals. Our people need to be able to stand on their own two feet and give freely the abundance that God gives us to share with the rest of the world not have it ripped from our pocketbooks and shipped overseas on political whims.

Is it possible for one of those running this fall to bring America back on solid ground and give America the hope it needs to lead the world?

Yes, if they really desire to do it, they can. But there has to be a true desire to remember we are Americans first. That means something. At least it once did. I hope it still does.
Should we throw America out with the bath water just because we are tired of the campaigns? No!

What we should do is throw out the candidates that don’t have America’s best interest at heart by voting in November. If there isn’t a candidate that you believe can make the difference that you can, maybe next time around you should hit the campaign trail.