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Ramblin’ “Doc” Tommy Scott is an American icon whose music has been heard around the world. The 1940s Grand Ole Opry star starred in films and hosted two nationwide TV shows in the 1940s and 50s. His live show shared over 29,000 performances to millions of attendees in the U.S. and Canada. He has appeared on television with Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Johnny Carson and others. Many of his hit songs have become standards in country, bluegrass and gospel music.


“Doc” Tommy Scott

Bienstock Publishing Co. c/o Carlin America, Inc. and Quartet Music, Inc. /ASCAP publish the following songs. Randall Franks Music represents writer Tommy Scott on these songs.
All songs performed and written by Tommy Lee Scott

  • Ain’t Love Grand
  • Come On Gimme Some Lovin’
  • Everything Reminds Me of You (with Henry Glover)Freckled Face Gal
  • Free Again
  • Gonna Paint the Town Red
  • It’s You (with Henry Glover)
  • Just A Diggin’and a Diggin’
  • Lonely as a Georgia Pine
  • Rockin’ and Rollin’
  • Rosebuds and You
  • Santa Claus Shuffle (with Henry Glover)
  • Tennessee
  • Uncle Sammy (with Henry Glover)
  • Waiting
  • What Do You Know I Love Her
  • You Done Me Wrong

Katona Publishing Co./ASCAP (a subsidiary of Katona Productions, Inc.)

Songs written or co-written by Tommy Lee Scott; performed by Tommy Scott or members of his show cast. Co-writers or co-publishers appear beside songs as they appear in publishing company records. (A) denotes arrangement.

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Ramblin’ Tommy Scott

Aching Heart Nay Nay
Ain’t She A Flirt
Ain’t What She Used To Be (with Pete Potter)
All the Way (with Sam Baxter)
Alley Cat Blues
Alone with a Memory
At War with the Devil
Atlanta Jail (with Sam Baxter)
Back to Georgia
Ballad of Exorcism (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Bay Sho Del (with Rudy Preston a.k.a Fred “Tex”
Been Gone a Long Time
Big Hootenanny
Big Lou Back in Town
Blast Off (with Randall Franks Music)
Bluegrass Jam Tommy and Curley
Bound for the Wide Missouri (with Tim McCoy)
Bread and Gravy
Bringing in the Sheaves (A)
Bucket Full of Love
Buffalo Gals (A)
By the Railroad (with Sam Baxter)
By the Silvery Rio Grande
Camping Song
Can a Heart Be Mended
Can’t Get No Worse
Carmella (with Gaines Blevins)
Cat Music
Cats and Dogs
Change in Business
Children in Need (with Randall Franks/Peach
Picked Publishing/BMI)
Christmas Eve Waltz (with Frankie Scott)
Come Back Darling
Come Back My Darling (with Pete Potter)
Come Go With Me (A)
Communist Son
Concert For the Lonely
Corina, Corina (A)
Country Truckin’
Courting in an Aeroplane
Cowboy’s Lullaby (with Andy Maples)
Crying My Heart Out For You (with Pete Potter)
Death by the Road
Deep Elm Blues (A)
Dime a Dozen
Do You Dig Me Little Mama (with Rudy Preston
a.k.a Fred “Tex” Harper)
Dog Patch Stomp (with Gaines Blevins)
Don’t Blame the Car
Don’t Cha Ever Get Lonesome (with Sam Baxter)
Don’t Go Round with a Married Girl (with Scotty
Lee Blevins)
Don’t Kill a Man Because He Calls You an S….
(with Samuel Housley and Raymond Walker)
Don’t You Go Chicken
Don’t Want Nobody Else
Double Trouble (with Ronnie Miller)
Down in the Graveyard
Down the Road I’ll Go (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Drifting Too Far From the Shore (with Curly
Seckler/Shylane Music) (A)
Egyptian Waltz
Elly Mae
Even I Can See the Sunshine (with Samuel Housley
and Raymond Walker)
Everything Sure Looks Different
False Heart
Fire on the Mountain (A)
Flea Circus (with Rudy Preston)
Flick -Monkey and the Baboon (with Scotty Lee Blevins and Music Craftshop)
Forgettin’s Hard to Do
Four Queens in a Row (with Andy Maples)
Four Seasons of My Life
Four Tired Car
Freight Train Blues (A)
Garden of Divorce
Geneva (with Samuel Housley)
George-ee (with Cleo Cheek)
Ghost and a Pink Elephant
Give Me the Roses While I Live (with Curly
Seckler/Shylane Music) (A)
Gloryland (A)
God Holds the Future (A)
God’s Eternal Home
Going to the Medicine Show
Gonna Pack My Bags
Gone and He Won’t Be Back
Good Time’s A Comin’ (with Wiljex Publishing)
Goodbye Greenwich Village
Goodnight Irene (A)
Got Killed by a Jealous Mule
Grandfather’s Clock (A) (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane (A)
Hard to Live Without You (with Cleo Cheek)
Hard to Love One Like You
Harmonica Man (with Scotty Blevins)
Have a Good Day (with Wiljex Publishing)
Have You Got Salvation?
Have You Seen Her? (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
He Went that AWay
Headin’ For Our Mountain Home
Her Memories Won’t Let Me Be (with Ronnie
Herbs, Roots and Wine
Here Today Gone Tomorrow (with Sam Baxter)
Hey, Mr. Medicine Man
Hey You Got to Teach Me (with Sam Baxter)
Hi De Ho (Wiljex Publishing Co.)
Home on the Range (A)
Houston Gambler
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
How Do You Do
I Ask What’s Wrong
I Can’t Go Through Life Without Having You (with
Terry Rogers)
I Can’t Hide My Feelings
I Can’t Love You Like You Want Me To (Some
Where, Some How)
I Double Dare You (with Cleo Cheek)
I Found It (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
I Just Want to Up and Fly
I Left My Gal in Chicago
I Love My Jesus
I Love You
I Might Come Home Tonight
I Think of You
I Want to Keep It That Way
I Was Raised Out in the Country
I Wish I Was Single Again
I’m Broken Hearted
I’m Going to Cry For a Long Time (with Ronnie
I’m Gonna Kill Myself
I’m Hanging My Teardrops Out to Dry (with
Ronnie Miller)
I’m in Love (Lollypop)
I’m Loading My Gun with Love
I’m Lonesome (Over You)
I’ve Got a Home in Beulah Land (with Curly
Seckler) (A)
I’ve Got to Get Over You
If a Peanut Could Feel (with Wiljex Publishing)
If I Could Paint A Picture
Ill Wind
Imagination (with Ronnie Miller)
In a Little Place Called Home
Indian Creek Tavern (with Harry Nix)
It’s Me Oh Lord (A)
Jack of All Trades
Jam Pitch
Jesus Loves Me (A)
John Henry (A)
Join the Medicine Show
Joy Bells (with Curly Seckler) (A)
Juke Joint Girl
Keep My Fingers Crossed
Laugh Loud
Life and You and Me (with Terry Rogers)
Little Baby Girl
Little Bitty Bottle of Wine
Little Liza Jane (A)
Little Rosewood Casket (A)
Lonesome Georgia Pine
Lonesome Road Blues (with Ed Jordan) (A)
Longing For You (with Cleo Cheek)
Love and Romance
Love at First Sight (with Cleo Cheek)
Love Thy Neighbor (with Gaines Blevins)
Love Sick and Lonesome
Loved and Lost (Concert for the Lonely)
Lovely Blue Eyes (with Pete Potter)
Lovers All the Way (with David Everett)
Loving Kathleen
Lying Lips and Crying Eyes (with Scotty Lee
Me and My Grandpa (with Orlando Eller)
Medicine Man
Medicine Show (with Wiljex Publishing)
Medicine Show Pitch
Medicine Show’s a Thing of the Past
Medicine Show’s Back in Town
Meet My Jesus
Menu America
Miss Dolly
Mississippi Miss
Monkey Business
More Pretty Girls Than One (A)
Mountain Corn
Mountain Ma and Pa (with Randall Franks Music)
Mountain Music
Mr. Moon
Mud Creek Bottom (with Fred “Tex” Harper)
My Baby Done Me Wrong
My Bottle Is Empty (with Wiljex Publishing)
My God’s Gonna Call Your Name
My Heart is Broken (with Pete Potter)
My Jimmy (with William and Wilma Millsaps)
My Little Moonbeam
Nightmare at Seventeen (with Music Kraftshop)
Nine Pound Hammer (A)
Nobody But You (with Sam Baxter)
Nobody But You (with Sam Baxter and Samuel Housley)Noone Can Take Her Place
Oh, How I Love Jesus (A)
Old Guitar
Old Time Religion (A)
Our Girl
Pack Up, Ship Out and Go Home (with Samuel Housley)Pamela Sue
Paper of Pins
Part Time Love (with Hans J. Lengsfelder and Buddy Kaye)
Peanut Man (with Wiljex Publishing)
Please Change Your Mind (with Scotty Lee
Promised Land (A)
Pull the Wagon
Put a Little Smile in Your Life
Race Car Driver
Raised Out in the Country
Ramblin’ Man
Rejoice (A)
Restroom Wall (with Terry Rogers)
Ride Cowboy Ride (with David Everett)
Rocket Ship to the Moon
Rocking Towards Tennessee
Rodeo Ridin’ Cowboy’s Dream (with Andy Maples)
Roll On Daddy Roll On
Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
Rollin’ On
Rosita (with Raymond Walker)
Rough and Tough
Ruby Lips
Sally Ann of Greenville
Sally Goodin’ (A)
Same Old Heartache Again
Saturday’s Fool
Say a Little Prayer
Seben-Come-Eleven (7 11 Roll Them Dice) (A)
Shake My Savior’s Hand (A)
She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain (A)
Sing, Sing, Sing (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Skip to My Lou (A)
Slow Down World-We’ve Got a Crisis
Smokey Mountain Sunset
Snake Oil
Snake Oil Pitchin’ Man
Soldier at Sea (with Hans J. Lengsfelder)
Some Glad Day (with Curly Seckler) (A)
Somebody’s Mother
Stacey (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Study War No More (A)
Sweet Woman Blues
Sweetest Thing (with Sam Baxter)
Take Me Back Little Darling (with Pete Potter)
Talkin’ in Your Sleep
Talkin’ to Myself – All By Myself (with Sam
Teenage Boogie
Tell ‘em You Got It at the Medicine Show (with
Wiljex Publishing)
Tennessee Girl
That’s Why I Love My Jesus
The Cotton Mill Blues
The Hitchhiker (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
The Laffing Song
The Miracle of the Ages
The Orphan
Thinking of You (with Pete Potter)
This World Is Not My Home (A)
Toilet Song (Restroom Wall; Ode to John; Writing
on the Wall) (with Terry Rogers)
Train of Destiny
True Love
Twenty Wheel Rig
Two Gun Cowboy (with John Ihle)
Uncle Sam’s Got the Flu
Unconcerned (with William and Wilma Millsaps)
Virginia (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Wasted Wishes
Watergate Love Affair
We’re Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight (A)
We’re Rollin’ On
What About That (with Sam Baxter)
What Would You Win (A)
When a Man Gets the Blues
When the Works All Done
When the World’s on Fire (A)
Where Did You Stay Last Night (with
Sam Baxter)
Where’s Baby Gone (with Dave Penick and Scotty Lee Blevins)
Where’s the Nearest Honky Tonk (with
Dave Penick)
Whoa, Mule Whoa (A)
Won’t It Be Wonderful There (A)
Write Me a Love Song (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
Wrong About Me Baby (with Sam Baxter)
Yes, Old Dad (with John Peters pseudonym for
Hans J. Lengsfelder)
Yippee Yi Ti Yo (A)
You Ain’t Worth It (with Scotty L. Blevins and
Music Craftshop)
You Are the Rainbow In My Dreams (Rainbow of My Dreams)
You Better Not Bet on That (with David Everett
You Bought the Ticket You Ride the Train (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
You Can Break a Broken Heart
You Can’t Stop Time (with Randall Franks/Peach Picked Publishing/BMI)
You Caused It All
You Need Help Fool (with Scotty Lee Blevins)
You Took My Sunshine
You’re My Good Luck Piece (with Scotty Lee
Blevins and J.D. Robinson)
Avlon Songs:
Mad Man’s Fate (with L. Collins and Clay
Come Back Little Girl (with L. Collins and R.
Thompson and Clay Music/BMI)

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