Stirring Up Additional Success with a Southern Flavor by Randall Franks and Shirley Smith

Stirring_Up_Additional_SuccessStirring Up Additional Success with a Southern Flavor by Randall Franks and Shirley Smith

$18 plus $5 S & H

The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy revamps its popular cookbook Stirring Up Additional Success with a Southern Flavor offering a variety of choices from celebrities and Catoosa County residents.

Shirley Smith

Entertainer, actor, author and syndicated columnist Randall Franks, “Officer Randy Goode” from TV’s “In the Heat of the Night,” co-authored the project released 2009 with Shirley Smith welcoming celebrity friends from music, movies and television, to raise funds for Catoosa County’s Learning Center near Ringgold and its programs.
Franks previously served as Catoosa Citizens for Literacy chairman and co-chairman and is currently a taskforce member. The organization coordinates the Learning Center.

The collection features recipes from more than 100 of the south’s personalities, politicians, performers from television, movies, country, bluegrass and Southern gospel music, as well as members and supporters of the Catoosa Citizens for Literacy and students of the Catoosa County’s Shirley Smith Learning Center located just outside Ringgold.

Catoosa County artist Cathy Cooksey created a special paintings for the cover.

The Catoosa County Learning Center, on the Benton Place campus just off Battlefield Parkway, offers free day and evening GED classes The Catoosa Citizens for Literacy provide $160 towards the test fee to Catoosa County residents. Reading and math tutoring are available. Free childcare is available. Free transportation is available.

Smith, who is the Learning Center executive director, is excited to find a new worldwide avenue via the internet for the fundraisers.

“These books are wonderful collections which reflect the people and places in Catoosa County and recipes from not only the celebrities but from the students, teachers, volunteers, supporters and CCL taskforce members which helped uplift the lives of so many families in Catoosa County,” Smith said. “The books share stories of the Learning Center including numerous student successes. Anyone should want to make one of these  part of their family keepsakes.”