Dreaming of the new year

A new year is upon us and with its arrival is the promise of another opportunity.

Perhaps it’s the practice of making resolutions, or the celebrations of ringing out the old and ringing in the new. I always see Jan. 1 as a new chance to do things more effectively.

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A new beginning

Well its 2013, the world did not end as predicted. So I guess that means we must continue to earn money, pay bills, meet our responsibilities or someone will come and take us away. Well not maybe us, but our stuff that we have borrowed from others through all those plastic moneymakers in our pockets.
New Year’s is the day that folks turn over a new leaf, make promises to do better, try to dedicate themselves to a better future.

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What a wonderful world

When I was just about just about six years old, I remember our family had a special reason to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day – my brother Jerry returned from his service in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

For my brother, whose birthday fell on New Year’s Eve, I am sure that was an even more fantastic present than he could have wished for in his life. Read more