Randall Franks directed the IBMA Distinguished Achievement Awards


Randall Franks directed the IBMA Distinguished Achievement Awards and other segments of their annual awards show in Raleigh. American Icon Steve Martin was among those he had the privilege of directing.


He also visited the National Quartet Convention where he swapped stories with many of his fellow singers. One among them was with Kelly Nelon Clark who recently embarked on an acting career and American Idol contestant Ricky Braddy who appeared with Randall in his movie Decision and recently joined Karen Peck and New River.

Steve Martin, the Earls, Vincent and Larry’s Diner

I was honored to stand just off stage a few feet to the right of American Icon Steve Martin Oct. 1 as he accepted his IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award. Directing such a moment will be one of my greatest memories. He described his career of playing banjo as an “Oh No” each and everytime someone else innovated a style or technique he needed to learn. The honor is more than appropriate considering that his career has shined a light upon bluegrass legends and current talents. Alongside him receiving the same award were banjo stylist Murphy Henry, banjo stylist Alison Brown, the late Grand Ole Opry star Bashful Brother Oswald, and the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

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