The day that follows sleep

I got up this morning and wondered what will the day bring.

Each morning that I awake, I push myself from the bedclothes, I shake off the grogginess left by sleep.
I move my legs towards preparing myself for the day – wash, shave, brush, comb, fresh clothes and so then it begins. What will the day be?

I remember sleep was something that for much of my life I found easily. My father was a deep sleeper and often times he could go to sleep with little effort. It was always an adventure to get him up and moving once he found dreamland.

My mother when I was a boy use to love to say, “Randy, hit the floor” when I lingered too long in slumber.

I remember at one point, I had heard that so many times. I thought I would be cute so I sat my Louisville Slugger by the bed and following her instruction, instead of my feet hitting the floor, I reached over, took the bat and hit the floor, then I turned back over for a little more snooze time.

I was awakened with her standing over my bed with self same bat in her hand this time with a very intense look on her face as she popped it in the palm of her hand. “If you don’t hit the floor now you will be spending a lot more time in the bed – a hospital bed.”
Needless to say, I hit the floor and the day began.

Sometimes in sleep we find the wonders of our mind taking us on endless adventures in the midst of our imagination: sometimes a walk down a well worn path to the home we once knew as a child; a visit with long ago loved ones; on occasion a meander in the fancy of the creative; or a peek into the darkness of the night and the things that lurk under the bed.

I remember a day as a boy when awakened from slumber by the scary, heart beating fast, shivers of fear running down my spine, desiring never to see sleep again but eventually the body would give in to it.

Today, I look forward to sleep knowing that when I awake, I will be refreshed and strengthened for another day. Each morning brings the promise that I may do something of benefit to my neighbors; the hope that the time is used to create, inspire, console, encourage and build something better than was there when I went to bed the night before.

Within the grasps of our hands, the thoughts of our mind, and the hopes of our heart, God shares with us the talents to make a difference in our lives and in those of the people that are sent our way.

We may lead or we may follow. No matter where we are in line of service, God gives us the wonder of a new chance each day when we awaken, to seize that day to bring blessings within the midst of the world we face.

When once again we still for slumber, and we have used the day to fullest, the night should be swift and the new day comes ready for our use once again. May our days be filled with the best of all we deserve, the greatest that we can give, and a love that has no end.