What does it mean?

There are many times in my life when I have searched for the reason someone that I care for becomes ill or suffers through some series of events.

I have sat by the bedside looking at tubes connected to someone’s body; and watched people struggle to find a new normal while coming back from a change in health.

I have seen emotional strife as relationships and family issues bring such pain that suffering can only be the description applied to some of the parties involved.

Often we look to God and say “Why?” They are so good. They give in so many ways. Why do they have to suffer?
Then I come to realize that it is the nature of life that some suffering may be part of our existence. It does not matter how good we are or how bad. Suffering comes when it comes.

Although our choices in life can exact a certain amount of self-inflicted strife, everyone gets a piece of that experience at some point.

It can come through heartaches, illness, unexpected accidents, loss or even the simplest of occurrence.

The key I think is how we handle such happenings. Do we relish in the suffering?

Do we use it to evoke the sympathy of those around us? Creating an opportunity that feeds a sense of entitlement related to the suffering.

Everyone carries some bit or piece with them of the huge hewn rock that we all pound our lives upon yielding pain. Some are able to lay it down and walk away while others carry it with them everyday.

Should we suffer gracefully? Is that possible? I think for some it is. I have seen those, who have endured such devastating circumstance, walk through it as if they were made of steel. Yet they become that much stronger when they reach the other side.

I have seen others gracefully walk into that good night trying to lighten the load of those they love around them.
Do my sufferings compare to yours? Don’t let yourself get into such a discussion. If someone is hurting, try to lift their load and let them move on rather than matching yours to theirs. Hopefully, they will not find the need to offload it upon another.

We must make every effort to uplift those around us who are sent our way but we are not to enable them so that self-pity envelopes their existence.

Does God play a role in these life experiences? While some tend to blame God when they find the worst the world has to offer, others reach out to God for comfort against the greatest storm.

For me, I can only say that God provides me the comfort in His time when I seek it in those moments when I have suffered.

What does it mean? The answer if found must be searched for within each of us as we experience what life shares with us and those we love. I pray your days be many and your painful moments be few.